Duckplanet 2009 Photo Contest

Category 1:
Holidays Gone Awry
Category 2:
Science Fiction is Just Ducky
Category 3:
Ducks and Aluminum Foil
Category 4:
Season's Greetings and Holiday Cheer
Category 5:
Ducks and Pets

Lomgoose - Science Fiction is just ducky

digicolleen - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes - Category runner-up

Dutchducky - SF is just ducky

mrquackers - witch and leaves for sci fi is just ducky

Doubleclara - The revenge of the little ducks

mquest - don't eat the brown acid number 6

MonkeyDuck - SF is Just Ducky - Category winner

Squeakybeaks - Science Fiction is just ducky

Alistair MacDonald - Roboduck