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If you are looking for a particular duck, please check the websites below before emailing me. I'd appreciate it since I'm getting a lot of email these days.  Sorry, most of these vendors are in the USA or Canada and will only ship to the USA and Canada. Happy collecting and please tell these vendors that Duckplanet sent you!!!

Duckplanet Gear Store ---Get your Duckplanet t-shirts, sweatshirts, totebags, stickers, baby bibs, and more!!! Show your love of rubber duckies and Duckplanet. Your purchase helps keep Duckplanet running and keeps this website ad-free!! (Transactions will be made directly through the manufacturer and distributor Cafepress.com)

Shindigz --- Desperate Birthday Party Planning Parents Look Here! You know who you are. You've got a one, two, or three year old who is having a birthday any minute now and you're scrambling to put together a rubber duck theme party yesterday. I've heard your desperate pleas for help and this web site is your answer. Search on "rubber duck". The duck collector may find some interesting stuff here too. 

Birthday Express---Birthday Party Planning Parents Look Here Too! Search on "rubber duck".

Duckshop (Germany)--- Website in German and English. Outstanding selection of Lanco ducks and ducks not easily found elsewhere. Ships Internationally.

Just Ducks (UK)--- Great friendly service.Wide selection of Luxury and Deluxe Ducks including many that are not available in the North American Continent. Also carries Locomocean, Lanco, Rubba Ducks. Ships Internationally

De Badeend Winkel (Netherlands) --- This store in the Netherlands has a web site in both Dutch and English. Ships Internationally.

Cheesequacker.com --- You don't have to be from Wisconsin to want a Wisconsin Cheesehead duck! Check out Jon and and Kathy Wright's rubber duck tribute to America's dairyland!  You can read more about them on the Celebriducks.com website.

American Ducky---Delila, the person behind this ebay store, strives to find the very best in rubber ducks and rubber duck items. Great service and great place to find some of the latest releases. Ships Internationally.

Bud by Design Room---(Australia) Designers of the famous Deluxe Ducks that are no longer in production. Bud by Design Room now designs and produces the Luxury Ducks line that you can see here. Wholesale Only.

Celebriducks ---Celebriducks' ducks are sculpted to resemble celebrities. Their ducks are made of very high quality plastic and have a lot of nice details. They're very unusual. Celebriducks is always coming up with new ducks so check out their website for details!

Great American Merchandise & Events---You can buy their signature racing rubber ducks, including some glow in the dark ducks, and ducks with beaks of different colors from their site. 

ILoveDuckies.com --- Ships Internationally. Nice selection of rubber duckies.

Pricehot.com---Huge selection of rubber ducks and duck-related items. Free shipping within the U.S. on orders over a certain dollar amount.

Rubba Ducks--- The official website of the Rubba Ducks line of collectible rubber ducks. View the entire line of Rubba Ducks rubber ducks past, present and future! You can also buy Rubbas from the online shop.

Shades Plus--- Great service, speedy shipping and great source for the latest rubber ducks.

NEW Quacker Gift Shop--- A duck centred store (our favorite kind!) in the Denver metro area. Visit the store if you can or shop online otherwise.

NEW Rhode Island novelty--- Lots of ducks not easily found elsewhere.

NEW Oriental Trading Company--- Home of the OTC duck!

NEW Buck A Duck.com--- Lots of OTC ducks and some others. As the name says, all ducks are a dollar.

And of course nothing beats unearthing a cool duck at your local neighborhood toy store, thrift store, flea market, or novelty store where you'll pay no shipping costs. When buying ducks online, be sure to shop around for the best price. Someone once said (okay it was me and it was yesterday): "A dollar saved is a ducky earned." If you don't shop around, you could end up paying two or three times as much. So....be smart and happy duck collecting!!!

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Judy's DuckWeb
Judy has been collecting rubber ducks since 2001. Beautiful individual photos of ducks in her collection. (USA)
Photos of Akiko's rubber duck collection. Click on [Ahiru-ARTS / Rubber Duck Collection] from the home page. Ahiru means 'duck' in Japanese. (Japan)
Ken's Rubberduckies Page
Ken may very well have the largest rubber duck collection in Asia! Check out the individual photos of his duckies as well as photos from his rubber duck-themed wedding. (Singapore)
Lynn's Duck Collection
Photos of Lynn's collection including rubber ducks and other types of ducks. (Singapore)
Karen's Duck Collection

Individual photos of rubber duckies and and other duck stuff.
The Retro Rubber Ducky

Duck photos and links.
Lara's Duck Pond
This web page features Lara's rubber duck collection and includes group photos of some of Lara's favorite ducks.
Andreas Gammel's Duck Site
Individual photos of ducks from Andreas' collection as well an information about each duck including whether or not it squeaks or floats. Check out the Duck Memory Game while you're there! (The Netherlands)
Lizbit's The Duck Stops Here
This is an extensive duck collection! Complete with fun commentary.
Claire Hand's Rubber Ducky Page
A  nicely done rubber duck collection web site by Claire Hand. Claire's ducks are named and even have personality profiles. Claire's page, which has been up for several years now, is the grandmother of all the duck fan pages out there! 
Kristal the Duckie Goddess' Collection
Kristal's tells me her site was inspired by seeing duckplanet's online collection. Hooray! Kristal collects all kinds of ducks including rubber duckies. 
Shari's Rubber Duckie Page
Lots of interesting duck links. Also, about half way down there is a link to a list of Shari's ducks and on that page you will also see a great group photo of all her ducks sitting on a bed.
Pictures of M.Auman's duck collection as well as duck images and links.



NEW Duckies Rule  --- Website for a duck-themed garden display in West Seattle, Washington with duckies dressed and styled for the holidays.

NEW The Duck Show  --- The Duck Show blog combines Digicolleen's two favorite hobbies: photography and collecting lots and lots of rubber ducks...

Rubber duck fan site featuring photos, a Quack FAQ and the travels of Roger the rubber duck.
Jodie Davis' Rubber Duckie . Net
Webiste of television host and rubber duckie lover, Jodie Davis. is the author of the first book on rubber duckies. 
Kanji Bunny Presents Duckie Desktop Wallpaper
Tanya is a web designer who also makes fanciful rubber duckie wall paper for computer desktops. Definitely worth a peek even if you're not looking for wallpaper. Click on the Aquacktica image (look for the duck--as if you wouldn't anyway!).
The Rubber Duckie Club--Yahoo! Club
This rubber duck Yahoo! club is run by young Stephanie for rubber duck fans of all ages. The message board has bursts of activity and can be a good place to get information about rubber duckies and to meet other duck fans.
Rubber Duckie on the Web
Very good photographs of some rubber duckies pursuing various interests. (Japan) 
Rubber Duck Land
Don't miss the Ducky Fun page! I particularly liked the Duck Alignment Page, but there's plenty of other stuff to see and do including Pin the Beak on the Duck, Duck Slot Machine, Duck Race, and Dancing Ducks, and ducks for sale.
Doug the Duck vs. UFO Game
Doug the duck's pond has been invaded by ufos threatening to take over all the nests and duckhouse. Your goal is to lead Doug the duck to free the pond from its invaders. 
The Rubber Duck as Cultural Icon
I don't know what to call this. Read at your own risk.
Rubber Duckie is a rubber duck shaped hot air balloon. This is one cute big duck.
Kusakabe Youichi's Web Page
For the adventurous only. You won't even be able to read the image titles unless your browser is set up to display Japanese. Go to the section entitled Images 2 to see Kusakabe Youichi's strange and lovely photos of duckies, food, and computers. (Japan)
Quietscheentchen liebt dich
Full of fun duck activities. Plenty to do here especially if you read German! (Germany) 
Genis Quietsche-Entchen-Seite
Nice rubber duck fan site. In German. (Germany)


Duckies on the Web
Jeffrey R. (Sydd) Souza's site links to all  types of ducks, not just rubber.  He doesn't seem to be actively maintaining it anymore, but this is still the most extensive list of duck links out.

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