Rubba Ducks..washing in or washing out?

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Posted by AlyKat ( on June 04, 2002 at 03:04:40:

I love my rubba ducks between me and my 2yr old brother we have about 20!!! every time we go to a store (target or toysrus) its a race to see who can find the rubba ducks and to see if any are new...4 weeks ago i kept buggin my mom to take me to hte local target becuase i wanted to see if they had any...2 of the ones i wanted most are duckles and ducktona(which they havent released yet have they?) and turnign that corner i about had a heartattack when i see my duckles sitting on the clearance shelf for $2.00 but no other new ones..then i was talking to my friend about them and shes liek oyeah i think ive heard of them ..and she told me abotu a few days before i went she had gone to buy her stepsister a birthday present and got her jaw about dropped noooo!!!......well then a few days later i was begging my mom to go to the next target about 15 minutes away but when my grandoarents came over they were going to target to and to killl to birds with one stone they took me :-) well it must have been my lucky day or something but once again sitting on the clearance shelf was duckess...during that trip we went to the toysrus a few storesd down and got daizee ..they had just seemed to stalk up becasue there displaywas full and they had sir shallow which i have never seen out until now....i was wondering if any one ha figured out why theyve all been on the clearance? well then yesterday we made a trip to the san antonio including 2 targets the first one i got better becasue he was on clearance and at the second store we found duckasourus!!! (clearance too)this one right now is hidden because borther found it first didnt have money but i did so its a controversial we went to toysrus and kaybee toys both trips which were productive as far as anime goes btu neither had new ducks..this toysrus though did have a display near the cribs and then a big section in another wondering if the ducks are scattered regionally? im really hoping that target is clearing them to make room becasue why would we be able tof ind all these ducks weve never seen during clearance? its kind of weird..since toysrus carries rubba ducks would kidsrus and babiesrus have them too? has anyone see CHEESE, duckerball duckscent, spicee or lucky? all the "locals" are sir shallow, duckyd, hollow, lame, ducksino, duckerina, sitting, p.king, kernel, gray, duckskin, ducktape, duckhorn (i have the special!), cowduck, daizee, better and aqua blue and green which is suppose to be the original?if anyone needs these i could probably pick it up ,6.00 at toyrus and if its at targt from 6$ to $2.50 dont know about shipping
hope i could help or if you can help me ..thanks

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